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here, the flu is now widespread through 48 states. 5 californians have died including a 98-year-old woman from santa clara county. a doctor who specializes in those diseases says this could be the worst flu season we have seen in years. >> we started seeing cases a few weeks ago. so our numbers have jumped. >> the strain is h 3 n 2 symptoms include fever, sore throat and body aches and more severe with this strain sending higher numbers to the hospital. >> for most people flu will be a self limited illness. it won't be any fun but they will get over it at home. >> to control the spread officials with the centers for disease control are urging everyone to get vaccinated. a flu shot clinic got underway yesterday at washington hospital in fremont. it continues today as they try to meet demand. pharmacies are scrambling to stay stocked, safeway just
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shipped 200,000 additional doses and are offering a 10% discount on groceries for people who get a shot. they say there is enough but you might have to try a few places, they are no guarantee you won't get sick but. >> it is a lot less likely you will get the flu and if you do get it and you have been vaccinated you will not get as sick. >> 5 people have had to be hospitalled here at san francisco general hospital. children and the elderly are at the highest risk for flu-like complications, in fact 29 children in the united states have died so far this season. live in san francisco, melissa har ring son, cbs 5. >> it is day three of that dangerous algeria hostage situation, still limited information coming out. while up to 100 hostages are celebrating their freedom today the fate of up to 60 others is still unknown. negotiations are still counting
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with the group that kidnapped hundreds there. the militants claim to still be holding up to eight americans there. the body of a chicago lottery winner was exhumed. he died as he was about to collected his winnings, his death was ruled a result of natural causes but a relative requested a closer look. tests showed he was poisoned, now a second autopsy is being performed. >> lance armstrong now admits he used performance enhancing drugs throughout his cycling career, as our reporter tells us he says at the time he was doping he did not think he was cheating. >> lance armstrong's long awaited confession came after oprah winfrey's first question. >> did you ever take banned substances to enhance your cycling performance? >> yes. >> he told the world his cycling career would not have been possible without doping.
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>> i viewed this situation as one big lie. that i repeated a lot of times. >> the disgraced cyclist said he used blood transfusions, testosterone and epo to get ahead. >> it did not even feel wrong. >> no. scary. >> he did not consider it cheating and leveled the playing field during the time when many were doping. >> i did not invent the culture but i did not try to stop it. >> he denied threatening them to use drugs but admitted bullying them to do just about everybody else his way. >> such a major flaw and it is a guy who expected to get whatever he wanted and to control every outcome. >> the u.s. anti-doping agency stripped him of his tour titles last year when it found evidence he used performance enhancing drugs. after the interview the agency said if armstrong is sincere
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about correcting past mistakes he will testify under oath about the full extent of his doping activities. his charity live strong said it was disappointed he mislead people during and after his cycling career, including us. cbs news, new york. >> u.s. safety officials and inspectors from boeing are examing a 787 dreamliner in japan today. it is at the center of a worldwide groundings of the 787s, the pilot made an emergency landing after he smelled something burning. japanese found a flammable battery fluid had leaked from the plane's batteries. >> more bay area headlines sfo travelers should expect extra delays starting tonight at 10:00 through monday morning at 8:00 1 runway will be closed. travelers may see delays of 30 to 75 minutes, the san jose
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police chief is step in stepping down, today is his last day. he has expressed frustration at that. city leaders are looking for his replacement. 49er fever is taking over the bay area and san francisco is one game away from the super bowl. >> one more win will do it. and ann says fans and players are more than ready. >> reporter: team members have been trickling in all morning long ready for their flight for atlanta this afternoon. >> i believe we are ready, that is how we are raised out here. >> these guys waited all morning to catch a glimpse of their football heroes. >> i am a die hard, born and raised, this has been the family since day one. >> they have been selling gear like hot cakes, one of them is bob. >> you are a big fan, why n't
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you have a jersey already. >> i have outgrown it. it has been a few years. it was large now i am a 2-x. >> he says it sends a message. >> we wantknow we oud of them and support them. >> this the quest for six super bowls. >> he speak on cbs 5 this morning. >> all my friends are native san franciscans, even in red and orange. >> down in santa clara where the 49ers new stadium is well underway -- >> right in my backyard. >> excitement is even stronger, knowing the team is so red-hot. >> all exciting that they are winner and i think they are going to keep on being winners. >> that helps them sell tickets but i can't afford a ticket. >> the thrill of another win is price less. >> we are going to miss them, we are going all the way. >> once they are packed up they are headed to the airport for
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their chartered flight to atlanta. cbs 5. >> best line there i have outgrown it. >> i know, cute. >> as you can see a lot of people excited about the 49ers. >> that's right but in the city of tourlock people are beyond excited. stores are dedicating items to the niner, check out this coffee special, red velvet powder expressed with expresso with whip cream and carmel drizzled right on top. >> we want to see your 49er fan photos and if you got videos of your kids e-mail them there. you can post them on our facebook page and we may share them on the show next week. >> adding grammy star power to the super bowl, how alicia keys is adding her voice to the all star line up. >> warmer weather and a big holiday weekend send many people flocking towards the beach but the beach hazards you need to know about with mobile weather.
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>> i am meteorologist lawrence conn on the weather center, sunshine around the bay area, hazy but we will talk about that weekend forecast coming up.
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rise and shine. simply orange oj is just $2.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. taking a look at the big board... the dow it has been an up and down day on the stock market. taking a look at the the big board the dow is up 14 minutes, corporate earnings were strong today for general electric and morgan stanley but intel stock fell 7% including a negative earnings report. >> some new data shows that improvements in the jobless picture are uneven. the u.s. labor department says unemployment fell in 22 states list than half and went up in
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16. california's rate of unemployment was unchanged at 9.8%, that is the third highest right now in the nation. president obama's second inauguration is just a couple of days away. >> we know about the ceremony and the parade. the big question for fashion fans, what will the first lady wear to the inaugural ball? >> of course. >> the big question, michelle obama's gown will likely be a mystery up to the last minute. the white house has asked 20 designers to send in their ideas. her first gown if you remember is on display now in the national museum of american history. >> i think they say something about america's expectations of a first lady or maybe even the mood of a country at a given time. >> fashion experts predict the first lady will choose and american designer, likely a younger talent for the designer it is the opportunity of a lifetime. instant famous a place in fashion history. why are you rolling your eyes. >> well, no, because i have
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been concerned about this since the election what is she going to wear. >> we were talking about the fact she just got a new hair doo. >> she did, she got bangs. >> looks excellent. >> you don't like talking fashion, i know. >> i am not a big fashionista, no. we have sunshine and on the hazy side out there no, getting around that, another spare the air day and another one tomorrow as well, high pressure overhead, pollutants building there, plenty of sunshine in the coastline today, tonight again clear but it is going to be a bit on the cold side in the valley, mild as you approach the coastline as i mentioned a moment ago spare the air. hour of the bay looking good, sunshine out there now, comfortable temperatures into the afternoon, 60 oakland, 59 livermore and 59 degrees in san francisco. 55 in san jose. this big dome of high pressure continues to sit across the bay area and along the west coast here, that remains in control for the weekend. it will bring the temperatures
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above average for today. probably right through the weekend. and sending any chance of rain well north of the bay area. that is likely going to change though as we head toward the middle of the next week. maybe we start to talk about rain. well, the waves picking up along the coastline, storms in the pacific so watching for swells, a high surf advisory along the coastline, some of the waves 20 feet. around the bay area 65 in san jose and palo alto and 66 redwood city, east bay temperatures 60s in many spots. inside the bay looking good, hazy sunshine, 63 oakland, 62 degrees in san francisco. and about 63 degrees in santa rosa. overnight lows still chilly in spots. you will see about 29 degrees, one of the colder spots fairfield, freezing santa rosa 32, but san francisco, pacifica temperatures 40s so not as cold as it has been but still chilly in the early mornings by day
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hazy sunshine and nice weather through the weekend. probably on monday too. by tuesday clouds roll in and a chance of showers headed our way it looks like on wednesday, then a major pattern shift toward next weekend. right now we want to take you to the beach, where roberta gonzales is at and yes, it has been boy, big time waves expected there. >> -- to lands end lookout, i got to tell you the crowds have been gathered not so much for the gorgeous conditions, all of them gathered to talk about our new toy, i been telling them -- calling it lightning of wheels, because of that, i hope you can see that, i know it is a glare, 60 degrees, wind fluctuating offshore at 10 or 11 miles per hour so still a chill in the air even though we have seamless skies, blue skies, this is the place where people are flocking all weekend long because it a hole day weekend
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plus a green light for mavericks, it does take place next sunday. as he was alluding to we do have a high surf advisory for them, this warrants at least 20 feet waves perhaps bigger mountains but at least 24 individuals will be competing and surfing on this sunday, 17 alternates, but one mindful thing i would like to remind all of you about is if you come on out to mavericks at half moon bay to take a look at the competition keep in mind we have a beach hazard statement in effect for sneaker waves, it is a wave that sneaks up on you, rolls on you and could not get to your feet and you know some damage could be done so keep that in mind and also a rip current hazard as well so if you are a swimmer take note of that as well. so warmer temperature, a holiday weekend and a beach hazard statement in effect right now through the weekend as well as that high surf
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advisory for mavericks. if you want to know more information about all of this all you have to do is we have made it really easy for you, visit us on line at, you will see it right there on the home page. again live at ocean beach, that is point lobos rock out there and a gorgeous day, visibility unlimited, we were able to see out there earlier today, a bit of a breeze in the air, if you are a beach-goer for the weekend, even with the warmer temperatures make sure you dress in layers, a little bit of a chill in the air, frank, michelle, lawrence, i got to tell you i am loving my assignment today. >> we are coming. it looks beautiful out there. >> it is nice, roberta, thank you. that looks beautiful. >> can you imagine that. >> no. >> big dog. >> watch out. >> coming up kids you think that. how they used their skills to get a little puppy, pretty cute, coming up.
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♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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stage at the super bowl. grammy award winner alicia keys reported to be si girl on fire takes center stage at the super bowl. >> she does, grammy award winner alisa keys is reported to be singing the national anthem there in a couple of weeks. a person familiar with the plans telling the associated press today, the nfl has not yet announced the anthem singer. keys will turn 32 next week. she follows in the footsteps of those and of course, that
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game is live right here on cbs 5 on february the third. lake tahoe is in the running to host those games between 2015 and 2017. espn which organizes and airs it named tahoe as one of it's eligible destinations finalists announced in april and the selection will happen by the end of the year. well, in today's edition of tony's table a nice big hot bowl of soup to warm your soul. >> tony and his daughter stephanie share their secret to an amazing soup. >> one of my trips to italy to see stephanie where she was going to school was a certain restaurant we had soup and it was so green and i asked you what was in it. >> we used that. >> okay. >> and used zuchinni and carrots and actually with celery also but also we sauteed zuchinni and blended it and
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poured that in there. >> beautiful, let's serve that, oh, i forgot the beans. >> you add these at the last minute but they are important. >> they will heat up the beans of course but won't get mushy. let's serve this because i feel like soup today. >> what i like about this is i use whatever vegetables in season. >> olive oil and red pepper. >> yes. >> to give it spice, perfect a little bit of cheese and that the bread, chow, everybody. >> i am always hungry after that. >> like a giant tease there. >> i know, the modern day version of let's make a deal involves two girls and facebook. >> i guess, they found out the social network could help them get a puppy. their dad said they could have a new pet if the photo earned or more than a million likes.
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they picked it up there. her name is that because of that. >> well for that the toddler who knows how to handle an iron and the video that is going viral. >> a reminder if you have a consumer problem or just a question call our hot line, it helps you and we have volunteers standing by right now. we will be right back.
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[ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ]
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[ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] to sunday and a friendly game day bet with our sister station in atlanta. we made a little wager with
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well, we are all looking ahead to sunday and a friendly game day bet with had with our sister station in atlanta. >> yeah, we made a little wager with them yesterday. take a look. >> we want your guys. >> we are going to send you some falconsdary s gear when they win because we know you are and we need you to show your best spirit. >> in my jersey. >> not a chance. >> that is only if they win. >> of course but if they win which we will they will that picture on their profile. >> plus hold a bowl of peaches and say i left my heart in san francisco. >> our vote was better. >> can't wait for that. >> finally a pint-size golfer who may be good enough for the pga tour. >> he is pretty good, he is not even two and has serious putting skills, he is dead on, look at, that practices two to
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three times a week and sits down. >> you know what, he is going to make himself a lot of money when he is older. >> that is how tiger did it. i remember seeing him and saying he is going to be great. >> that is cute. >> go niners. >> have a good afternoon. send comments to captions by terry james, caption colorado, llc.
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>> brooke: and when you get bigger -- not too much bigger -- auntie brooke is gonna teach you how to ride one of these. [ laughs ] it's gonna be so much fun growing up with you. >> katie: we'll do all these things together. >> brooke: of course we will. >> katie: growing pains -- they never really stop, do they? >> brooke: not even for adults. >> katie: like my husband. >> rick: thanks. [ clears throat ] so, it's a go on this end. >> hope: you pulled this press conference together in a hurry. >> rick: i owe you. after that lie i told about liam and steffy, it sent you into a tailspin. your line suffered because of it, but we need to get that back on track. we need to get you back on track, and, frankly, this is the first step. >> pam: here we go. >> jarrett: thank you. no lemon bars today, pam?

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